Finished thesis proposal draft

It has been a super painful week for me writing a draft for thesis proposal. I should have started at least one week earlier. Regarding writing, I always underestimate the task and overestimate my capability. Writing to a deadline deprives the joy of creation and organizing. It was a good wake-up call.

Now I started logging word count every day and it has been 6 days. I pledged to write to a quota every day. The quota currently sets at 500. I plan to lift it to around 1k-2k.

Another realization is that writing is really tough thing and if I reserve writing for later of the day, I won’t do it at last. Last two days, I woke up early around 5:30 and wrote whatever I can until I hit around 200-300 words before taking a shower. This really turns on the writing mode in my brain for the day. Hopefully, I can keep this pattern for a while.