Geocode batch conversion + latitude, longitude, formatted address

I recently worked on a project that required getting latitude and longitude based on unstructured addresses. My advisor found me a website that run this conversion in batch and it turned out that website was quite decent. Looking at its javascript a bit, they seem to be using Google’s API. So, if you just

Kaffeine: prevent heroku app from sleeping

Most apps on the cloud are sleeping as the platform provider idles an app if there’s not a request for a certain amount of time. Heroku’s threshold is 1 hour. I found several discussions on the web: I first tried adding new relic to my heroku app, but it seems an overkill

Leveraging the color palette used by Google Visualization

I have used colors from the Google Visualization default palette for several projects. You can quickly generate all colors using a simple code below and pick those colors and save for yourself. If you don’t have a way to extract RGB codes, here it is. The order is blue, red, orange, green, purple, and

Circos Data Format Explained

Introduction Circos is a visualization tool that draws network in a circular fashion. To my experience and best knowledge, it is the richest medium in which a network can be shown and data can be visually encoded. What this post is NOT about Circos is not the most user-friendly visualization tool on earth. For those