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Pressure of daily writing quota

I barely met the writing quota (500 words) today. This is now six days in a row. Trying to meet such a certain quantitative threshold helps me visualize the progress. So, I start to feel that this daily writing goal almost has an additive feature. Once I get used to it, I will keep raising the bar by 100 until I reach 1k words per day.

At the same time, I realized that writing a blog post like this one is so different from writing a paragraph in my paper. I don’t know if I can ever write a part of a research paper as fast as I am writing this post.

Finished thesis proposal draft

It has been a super painful week for me writing a draft for thesis proposal. I should have started at least one week earlier. Regarding writing, I always underestimate the task and overestimate my capability. Writing to a deadline deprives the joy of creation and organizing. It was a good wake-up call.

Now I started logging word count every day and it has been 6 days. I pledged to write to a quota every day. The quota currently sets at 500. I plan to lift it to around 1k-2k.

Another realization is that writing is really tough thing and if I reserve writing for later of the day, I won’t do it at last. Last two days, I woke up early around 5:30 and wrote whatever I can until I hit around 200-300 words before taking a shower. This really turns on the writing mode in my brain for the day. Hopefully, I can keep this pattern for a while.

Writing 10k words a day

I ran across an advice from a professional novel writer.

He talks about the triangle as a requirement to jack up your writing speed: knowledge, time, and enthusiasm. I don’t get it much for enthusiasm, but I fully agree on knowledge and time. By knowledge, he means to prepare bullet points of what you are going to write spending 5 minutes before you start writing about something. For time, he emphasizes on tracking the output performance in terms of word count. In his case, writing during afternoon at a coffee shop without internet works best, so he rescheduled everything to write at that time frame and viciously protected it. These are good advice, though I don’t expect me writing 10k words a day. In my case, I need to actually “do” some research–data processing, running regressions, and literature review. Nevertheless, I think I can do better than the current word count, 1.5k per day if spend the whole day.